About Us

We design big tailor-made trips to Argentina

Argentina has so much to offer that we borrowed from the Mapuche language (native people of Patagonia) the word Petru which means: abundance. We fall in love with its meaning, we feel that it represents our wide natural and cultural diversity, which we seek to bring closer and closer to world travelers.

Our recipe for work

We listen carefully to the preferences of our clients, combining them with creative energy and a dose of Argentine passion. In all cases, we seek synergy and exchange with the client, until the expected result is achieved.

We're Argentines

Born and raised in Argentina. We are part of what we offer. We know the local rules of the game well. We know that our particular idiosyncrasy is almost another tourist attraction.We are tireless explorers of our land, we want to offer those corners that few know.

Proactive team

Petru is a family business, young and proactive, with 10 years well lived, many miles traveled and much more to walk.

365 days a year

We work 365 days a year and are attentive 24 hours a day to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and their passengers at destination.

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