Our Essence

We are Petru Viajes, wholesaler operator of tailor-made trips and tours to Argentina. In Mapuche language, Petru means abundant, much. In a territory that has so much to offer we could not have called ourselves otherwise.

In its immense territory, Argentina presents a culture as diverse as its geography. We have jungle, glaciers, salt flats and beaches. We have pampa, esteros, sierras and a huge mountain range. There are also crystalline lakes, rivers full of life, world-renowned waterfalls, majestic glaciers, ancient forests and cities with architecture as ancient as modern.

There is so much to know that a professional organization is needed that understands the needs of agencies and passengers, optimizes times, adjusts budgets, organizes itineraries, resolves unforeseen events and designs a customized program that allows unforgettable experiences.

For 10 years we have been creating our own programs to offer you the best of Argentina in all its formats: pleasure, rest, adventure, cultural, gastronomic, historical, natural and more.

Operating from Cordoba, in the center of Argentina, we were able to establish a strategic position to coordinate in a thorough way all operations with our passengers.

We are a team of professional travel agents that, together with network of leading suppliers, can create unique proposals, both pre-designed and tailored.

Our itineraries include classic and traditional destinations (ideal for first-time visitors) as well as truly exclusive and unique proposals for travelers eager for new experiences.

It is one of our highest priorities to offer a professional and personalized service to the passenger once arrived to Argentine territory, providing also a permanent contact that contains, responds and resolves any inconvenience.

We intend to be the agency of reference in satisfactory tourist experiences within Argentina, taking into account the latest trends, listening to the needs of our customers and developing appropriate programs for agencies and tourists from around the world.

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